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Issues with sanitary plumbing are the biggest problems. No house owner can leave it untreated. After all, there is a chance of collateral damage. We at FOUNDATION FIXER are a licensed and insured plumbing company to assist and provide you quality repairing services. Our plumbing technicians have years of experience in repairing that will bring your system back into its working order.

Our services include:

Slab Leak Repair

Houses built on slabs often face a problem like Slab leak repair. Repairing slab leaks is a tricky task as it involves a lot of digging. Broken pipes are the major cause of leaks. 

These repairs are messy, costly, and indeed time-consuming if executed by an inexperienced plumber. Hiring professionals like FOUNDATION FIXER are the best way to get the slab repairs treated. We utilize the latest technologies that help us in repairing the leaks easily and in a less time. Before executing the repairs, we use video cameras and high-tech leak detection equipment to identify leaks under the concrete. Once we have detected the leads, we create a good plan of action that too at affordable price.

Water Leak Repair 

Water leaking is a problem caused because of pipe leaks. These needed to be repaired immediately as it can cause adverse effects on the residential or commercial properties. 

FOUNDATION FIXER is staffed with experts who are proficient in repairing water leaks.

Water leaks are not possible to determine until unless things have not become worse. Therefore, the ideal way is to go for maintenance services. This would help you detect any leak in your property. The hiring of FOUNDATION FIXER plumber technicians is the right decision to make as our experts will locate the water leak easily. We are geared to necessary equipment that will help you in getting rid of the leaking problem. 

Sewer Leak Repair

Bad smell from the sewage is the most common problem faced by the property owners of house and business. But this problem can be eliminated if right professionals are hired. Our technicians can provide optimal solutions to get your sewer cleaned.

We use special drain cleaning equipment for clearing the sewer drain lines that are connected with main lines, bathtubs, sinks, laundry, & a/c condensate lines. We at FOUNDATION FIXER can remove hard accumulated dust and dirt with hi-tech gears. We also run a camera through our drain system for visualizing the issues in the areas and taking corrective measures.

Drain Cleaning

Sinks and toilets are connected with the main pipes which can get clogged at any point in time and can damage the property. Our plumbers with years of experience can resolve the clogging problem quickly and get things flowing properly.

Our licensed plumbers will first diagnose and recommend the appropriate measures to the client. Before starting with the repairs we make sure to clear everything including the estimate.